Sunday, December 29, 2013

Many people don't understand how we use cognitive-behavioral therapy at the Social Anxiety Institute.  See our articles and explanations online.  CBT must always be done gently, one step at a time, and there is no "facing your fears" as part of it.  No stress, no pressure.   I have been reading the latest research concerning memory, and will try to get it across in the next few weeks.  My post yesterday was about repeating and reinforcing rational beliefs to yourself, using self-talk, in a systematic way.  From my experience working with anxiety people, it is the consistency that's lacking sometimes. After all, it is very difficult to stay consistent when you're by yourself and don't have the support of a group around you.  We will try to help everyone stay more consistent with therapy because the brain actually does change -- and when it does, you act differently automatically.  NO MORE ANXIETY!!!    :D

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